wpn women's property network wpn women's property network
Whilst no formal training is offered by the WPN, the organisation does undertake to provide members with information relative to the industry by way of regional networking events, social media and newsletters. Under the banner of education, the WPN has established a relationship with RICS whereby a mentorship programme has been initiated between senior members of the RICS organisation in the UK and members of the WPN Executive.

The education portfolio has also made significant strides by way of skills development in the annual Leadership Conference as powerful speakers and industry players are invited to impart their knowledge to regional Gauteng members, as well as to encourage and support them in their careers to achieve greatness in what is largely still a male dominated industry. The WPN has been instrumental in the successful delivery of the Skills Development Summit held in Johannesburg in 2017, and will continue to advocate for the participation of women on all levels in the industry.

Through strategic alliances with organisations such as the 30% Club and Business Engage, the WPN is providing a platform for senior women at executive level to engage with executives from other industries, such that business skills can be exchanged, business contacts accelerated and additional growth encouraged.