wpn women's property network wpn women's property network
WPN's vision is to actively promote the interests of women in the property industry of South Africa by creating a dynamic environment with professional leadership to enhance the development, empowerment and upliftment of its members.

WPN will dedicate itself to furthering the success of its members by effectively sourcing the best possible opportunities through transformation, leadership, mentorship, networking and analysis and dissemination of information.

  • Enhance the image and profile of WPN as a dynamic, respected and influential national organisation within the property industry of South Africa.
  • Constructively and positively promote the role of women in the industry.
  • Retain and attract into WPN diverse women from all areas of the property industry.
  • Through educational programmes assist women to achieve economic self-sufficiency and promote the entry of more women into the property industry.
  • To transform WPN so that it fully reflects the demographics and requirements of our country.
  • To support and encourage development and growth through skills development programmes.
  • To promote interaction, participation and business opportunities through innovative networking activities.
  • To practice good governance and be socially responsible.

Membership Criteria

The WPN welcomes all women, including professional women, who are active in the commercial and industrial property industry, and who embrace the WPN vision. The Executive has full discretion to admit or refuse membership.

Termination Of Membership

A member shall cease to be a member, and membership shall be cancelled forthwith, if:
  • Annual membership fees are not paid within 30 days of the date of invoice; or
  • Written notification of intention to cancel membership is received; or
  • The member behaves in such a way so as to discredit the organisation and/or fails to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • The member fails to generally align themselves with the stated goals and vision of WPN.

Should a member leave her current place of employment, and the fees have been paid by her previous company the following will apply:
  • If the company contacts the WPN with regard to replacement of the member or a refund the WPN will cancel the member's membership forthwith, and contact the member to submit pro-rata payment via their new place of employment.
  • The paying company has the right to submit another member of their staff in lieu of the member who has left, and that new staff member can become a member subject to meeting the criteria as stipulated above.

Women's Property Network will not refund membership fees on a pro- rata basis in any circumstances.
Should an individual have paid their membership in a personal capacity, the membership may be transferred with the member to their new company.
Should a member wish not to renew her current term of membership, but wishes to continue membership at a later stage the following will apply:
Her membership status will be suspended for a maximum period of 12 (twelve) months,
The member will automatically be re-invoiced at the beginning of the next financial year.
The member must still comply with membership criteria when suspension is lifted.

Should a member wish to cancel her membership in lieu of a colleague joining the WPN the following will apply:
  • The member's invoice will be credited.
  • The membership will be terminated.
  • The colleague must apply for membership according to the standard process of criteria compliance, and a new invoice will be issued accordingly.

Schedule Of Meetings

The Regional Committees are to meet no less than six times per year and a copy of the minutes to be sent to the National Co-ordinator.

The Executive Committee is to meet every month or as required and at least one person per region must be in attendance.

An Annual General Meeting is to be held in the first quarter of each year with members to be notified of the meeting at least 30 days prior to the AGM.
The agenda of the AGM must include:
  • Consideration of annual financial statements for year-ended December
  • Election of new committee members
  • Confirmation of the amount of the annual membership
  • Subscription
  • Chairperson's report
  • General

Executive Committee

The WPN Executive Committee procedures and undertakings shall govern the Executive Committee.
The Regional Committee shall comprise of the following members / portfolios:
  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Advocacy
  • Educational Trust
  • Membership
  • Event co-ordination

The National Executive Committee shall comprise the following members;
  • A national chairperson elected by the National Executive Committee.
  • A chairperson from each of the regions i.e. Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.
  • A representative from each national portfolio i.e. Treasurer, Educational Trust, Membership, Marketing & PR and Advocacy.

Terms of Office

Effective February 2017, the term of office of each member of the Executive will be a minimum of twelve months or until the next AGM. Such term will not exceed two years. It is the responsibility of the regional chairs to ensure that a succession plan is in place no later than six months prior to the term ending. This shall be formally communicated to the executive. The term of office of each regional committee member shall also not exceed two years.

Executive committee members are to be mindful of succession planning, earmarking suitably qualified WPN members, and ensuring reasonable handover periods. Chair to be succeeded by the vice chair unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Past chair to remain on the executive in an advisory and ex officio capacity for six months.

The Executive will call for nominations from the WPN membership as and when required.

Financial Management

The treasurer and national co-ordinator shall, act as faithful advisors to the WPN executive in matters related to the financial "health" of the organisation and ensure that the WPN is compliant from a FICA and tax perspective. Whilst the WPN is presently registered as an NPO and the Educational Trust has a tax-exempt status, it is the intention of the executive to maintain a minimum amount of R500 000-00 in the Educational Trust account to ensure the awarding of bursaries for the next financial year.